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What is Rezum treatment for enlarged prostate?

Water Vapor Therapy (Rezum)

Well, tomorrow marks exactly 3 months since I had the Rezum procedure performed with you. I want to say thank you for performing this procedure for me… I can’t believe I went from not being able to pee without a catheter to being able to pee on my own… Thanks again for all that you do.  -Your BPH patient from Canada

How does Rezum work?

Rezum water vapor therapy works by using a small, controlled burst of thermal energy to send sterile steam into the prostate tissue. The steam rushes around the overgrown cells in the prostate, then transforms to water. The heat from the steam breaks down cell walls, causing the cells to stop functioning and the tissue to shrink. Read more

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After Treatment

Is Rezum painful?

Rezum is done in the office. The scope and the bursts of sterile steam can provoke anxiety. We take steps to minimize this pain. We now offer IV sedation. This makes Rezum painless. You will not be intubated. The sedation is similar to having a colonoscopy. An anesthesiologist will do the sedation. The procedure lasts a few minutes and then you will wake up with a temporary drainage catheter. Read more

The videos to show Rezum testimonials from Dr. Kella’s patients at 4 weeks and 3 months post-procedure.

Frequently asked questions about Rezum Water Vapor Therapy

During your appointment, our first goal is to make sure you are a good candidate for Rezum. Our experience watching and measuring outcomes helps ensure that our patients choose solutions right for their specific condition and symptoms.

Rezum water vapor therapy takes a few drops of water and can improve frequency, hesitant stream, urgency, straining and night time frequency.

We perform a prostate block using ultrasound. A fiberoptic scope is placed into the urethral. The water vapor is then introduced in 9 second bursts. We inject the water vapor in areas of prostate enlargement. On average, it can take 5 or 6 treatments with water vapor. The total time of treatment is usually 5-6 minutes.

You will get a prescription to take an antibiotic for a few days, starting the day before the procedure.

You need to get off blood thinners like aspirin or coumadin one week prior. This needs to be discussed with the doctor.

You will take a Fleets Enema at home prior coming to the office. Fleets are available over the counter at any drugstore.

If prescribed by your doctor, you can take a pain medication right before the procedure.

No. Rezum water vapor therapy does not hurt erectile function or urinary control long term. There is an increase in symptoms, usually for 3 weeks or so until the swelling settles down from the procedure. Some patients report a decrease in their ejaculation volume, but it does not affect the ability to get an erection or have an orgasm.

Yes, the therapy can be done in the office. We perform a prostate block using ultrasound. We can give oral pain pills and provide nitrous gas to reduce anxiety and discomfort as well. Patients can go home right after therapy. Many patients say they have the urge to urinate at times during the procedure. For 8 seconds, you can feel the warmth from the procedure.

Some patients ask about doing the procedure in the operating room. This procedure is not covered in the OR.  However, we offer the patients can elect to have IV sedation in the office if their insurance allows. This is an excellent option to have a completely painless procedure. The next best way is to do the procedure with nitrous gas.

We recommend a catheter for a few days after the procedure. The treatment can cause some swelling of the prostate. This makes the urinary tube more restricted. The catheter allows the bladder to remain empty. If you do not want a catheter, we could teach you how to self-catheterize with a super slick in and out catheter. We obviously will discuss this more in person.

There is little to no bleeding during the procedure. You may notice some blood in or around the catheter for a couple of days.

Rezum is a new therapy that has been approved. Data continues to be collected. The way Rezum works is by eliminating prostate tissue. This is a time proven way of treating the symptoms of enlarged prostate. The water vapor therapy has 5 year data showing the treatment lasts. The Prostatic Urethral Lift (PUL) Study is the largest, multi-center, randomized study showing 5 year results. PUL patients had relief in their quality of life by nearly 50% at 1 month and this remained unchanged at 5 years. Urine flow also was improved by over 40% even at 5 years.  This represents over 140 patients who had Rezum and 66 patients who did not.

Most insurances cover the procedure. If your insurance does not cover the procedure, your out of pocket cost will be around $3200. This may be considerably cheaper than long term medications or your possible deductibles for surgery in the hospital.

Dr Kella performs both Urolift and Rezum. Both procedures have 5 year data showing better results than medication. Both can be done under local anesthetic. Urolift can be done in the operating room as well.  Dr Kella will need to perform a quick procedure to look inside the bladder and determine if Urolift or Rezum is possible. Dr Kella usually keeps a catheter for his Rezum patients for a few days due to initial swelling. His Urolift patients do not need a catheter. In short, both are excellent procedures. Patients should ask themselves, “Do I want to spend the rest of my life on medication?” Now, there is an option that does not require cutting or conventional surgery. Click here to see our page about Urolift.

Rezum in San Antonio for Enlarged Prostate

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Rezum water vapor treatment is now available in San Antonio. Extensive experience watching and measuring outcomes helps ensure that patients choose solutions right for their specific condition and symptoms. The experienced doctors at The Urology Place will do an initial investigation to make sure the patient is a good candidate for Rezum treatment. Once this has been determined, the doctor can then perform this simple procedure in the office.


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Rezum is a quick procedure that can give a lifetime of urinary relief.

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