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Looking for relief for your urinary symptoms?

Most men endure symptoms because they do not want medications nor do they want cutting or surgery for their prostate. Now, there are simple yet proven treatments that provide results superior to medication. The procedures can be done in minutes and can put you back to living life, without the interruptions and frustration that come with enlarged prostate. And best of all, they come with little risk of urinary side effects or sexual side effects.”

Enlarged prostate is a condition most men face eventually. Remember the first time you had to interrupt your favorite movie? Can you recall when you used to sleep the entire night without interruption?

Symptoms of urgency, slow flow, having to go after you just went, dribbling? These are all possibly due to benign prostatic hypertropy or BPH. The prostate enlarges over time. Like a donut that expands, the prostate’s donut hole gets smaller and pinches the urinary channel, which runs through the donut hole. This puts pressure on the bladder. Read more

In the past, surgery was the only treatment if pills did not work. Laser TURP or robotic removal of the prostate are considered gold standard treatments. However, there are now two therapies available, both of which have solid five year data showing very good results.

To learn more about the two new treatments:

Dr Kella and the Urology Place are very experienced with both procedures. He was the first person to do the Urolift in Texas once it was approved. He has done nearly 100 Rezum procedures as well. This makes him knowledgeable about both procedures, which is helpful because the success of both treatments depends in part on the individual patient.


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A San Antonio urologist, Naveen Kella M.D. is the Founder of the Urology Place. He is one of the most experienced surgeons in the country with robotic prostate cancer surgery.

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