Blood in the Sperm. Should I see the doctor?

Do you need to see the Doctor for blood in the sperm?

Blood in the Sperm

Blood in the sperm or semen is unusual. We do not know how often it occurs. Sometimes it goes unnoticed and is temporary. If it continues more than a few times, you should seek treatment. Also, blood in the urine as well as the semen is different. You should get medical attention. Men under the age of 40 should not worry unless there are other symptoms or medical conditions.

Men over 40 should seek evaluation. If you notice ongoing issues with bleeding, seek attention. Other reasons you should be proactive:

  • Family history of prostate cancer
  • History of bleeding
  • Pain with urinating
  • Pain with ejaculation

Causes for blood in the semen vary. Sometimes, no causes can be found. Younger men tend to have infection. Older men, may want to eliminate the chance of cancer. However, even older men with repeated blood in the semen usually will not have cancer. Still, this is a risk factor, so it might warrant getting checked.

So, here is a list of causes of blood in the sperm or semen:

  • Inflammation
  • Bacterial infection in the testicles, epididymus, or prostate
  • STD
  • Prior radiation therapy
  • Prostate cancer
  • Trauma
  • Vigorous sexual activity
  • Surgical procedure (vasectomy, biopsy)
  • Other Causes
  • Benign growth such as a polyp or cyst in the prostate or epididymus
  • Bleeding disorders

What is the Work-up for blood in the semen?

What if the history and exam does not reveal a cause for the blood in the semen? We will sometimes order an ultrasound of the prostate or scrotum. This can be done quickly in the office. In some cases, we may look in with a scope. We can usually rule out worrisome causes of blood in the semen. Under 20% of the time, no cause can be identified. In these cases, the blood in the semen usually goes away.

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