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The first week after robotic prostatectomy




How much pain after robotic prostatectomy in the Recovery Room?

Patients spend about 1 hour in the recovery room. The nurse will give pain medications if needed. If there is pain, the discomfort disappears quickly. We check on the catheter and drain and make sure everything is stable before going to the surgical floor.

Do robotic prostatectomy patients need to go to the ICU?

After surgery, Dr Kella does not send patients to the ICU. This would be a very rare issue. As a result, you will go to the regular floor after recovery.

What is the time on the nursing floor like after robotic prostatectomy?

After you get to the floor, the nurse will encourage you to walk after the anesthesia wears off. You will have an IV giving fluid. Patients wonder if they will feel really hungry. Usually, the IV fluid takes care of any hunger feeling. Eating a regular diet starts with breakfast in the morning. If you don’t feel bloated, you will be ready to go home after lunch. Pain is pretty minimal for most patients. Dr Kella will make sure you have prescriptions to take home. He gives an anti-inflammatory and an antibiotic. The IV is removed and the drain is pulled out. Pulling the drain is not that painful.

What about the foley catheter?

Patients are concerned about how the foley feels. We encourage everyone to walk when they get home. You are cleared to take stairs. The catheter does not cause patients to take pain medications, but it is a nice feeling to get the catheter removed at the follow up appointment. During the week, you can wear loose fitting trousers. No one will know you have a catheter on underneath. You can take the foley with you into the shower. Sometimes fluid can come out around the catheter. If you walk quite a bit, there may be small amounts of blood around the catheter. Tissue is healing. Take a break and drink some water and things will clear up. If you notice the catheter is not draining or is very bloody, call our office. We just need to make sure it does not need to be flushed. A balloon keeps the catheter in place. We remove the fluid in the balloon and the catheter slides out easily.

What is the first week after robotic prostatectomy like?

Most of Dr Kella’s patients may take a few anti-inflammatory pills. Pain is very minimal. As a result, you can walk, take stairs and do 90% of what a typical person would do. You can eat whatever you would like. Avoid motorcycles, lawn mowers of any time or lifting over 25 pounds for the first week. Afterwards, Dr Kella will usually clear you to do any activity you like 6 weeks after surgery. Most patients are pleasantly surprised how the first week was not bad at all.

Making your recovery after surgery as seamless as possible is our goal. It’s no wonder, Dr Kella and his team have done thousands of cases. Patients from all over Texas and the world have had Dr Kella perform their surgery. Experience really does matter. Contact us to learn more! See the patient video below for more.

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