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Selenium no help for Prostate Cancer

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Harm from Selenium in Prostate Cancer

Bottom Line for Selenium

A study followed over 4000 men with prostate cancer from 1988 to 2010. They looked at dosage of supplements. Men were categorized according to selenium dosage. The higher doses had more risk. Taking over 140 micrograms increased risk of death by 60%.


These studies rely on filling questionnaires. There are so many variables in long studies like these. Patients could be taking lots of supplements. They may not take the higher dose selenium until the cancer advances. Then, they are at higher risk of dying anyways. Still, according to this, there is no evidence of benefit.


The finding comes from the Health Professionals Follow-up study and was published online 12/12/14 in Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

adminSelenium no help for Prostate Cancer

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