Gainswave for Male Enhancement

  • Drug Free

  • Surgery Free

  • Totally Non-invasive

  • Simple In-Office Procedure

  • Long Lasting

GainsWave is a scientifically proven therapy using acoustical waves. The waves break up microplaque in existing blood vessels and stimulates new vessels. Studies report up to a 76% success rate. Consult with us to see what is recommended for you!

A breakthrough solution for men seeking better erections

Clinical studies have shown low intensity sound waves are a safe, drug-free, and surgery-free way to enhance men’s sexual function. Dr Kella has trained with the GainsWave protocol. The protocol sends pulsed sound waves to improve blood flow. Improved blood flow in the penis can mean stronger and longer lasting erections.

Pills like Viagra also help erections by improving blood flow. Unlike pills, acoustic therapy actually stimulates existing blood vessels to grow and brings in the growth of new vessels.

Other treatments such as penile injections and vacuum pump therapy are similar to pills. Men prescribed such therapies must use them every time they desire erectile function. The only other option allowing men freedom from worrying each time they have an erection is implant surgery. Of course, this is a much more invasive option.

Acoustic therapy has been through many clinical trials. We utilize an FDA cleared 1 device for improved blood flow. The GainsWave protocol can be completed in as little as 3 weeks. Severe cases of poor erectile function may require more treatments. Each treatment takes 15 to 30 minutes. The treatments are done in the office. Dr Kella will initiate the treatment protocol. One of our male medical staff may help with the ongoing treatments. The sessions are extremely well-tolerated. Risks are very low. As Board-Certified Urologists, we can address any issues and help establish expectations.

Gainswave is not covered by insurance. We consider Gainswave an investment in you. Our staff can cover the different packages after consultation with the doctor.

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